This skill may only be purchased once.

This skill maybe only be purchased by Kyn

Fighter Scout Rogue Adept Scholar Spellsword Artisan
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Passive, Species

This Skill allows a character to use a One-Handed Claw. The base damage for a Claw is two points; all Claws must be Short Weapon length and must abide by all weapon construction rules, and additionally must have their entire striking surface colored red. This Skill only allows the use of one Claw unless the character also has Two Weapons, Improved Two Weapons, or Style Master, at which point the character can use either two Claws or a Claw and a weapon; as Claws are Short Weapons, a player may dual-wield them with just the Two Weapons Skill.

They may use any Skill requiring a weapon with the Claw (such as Weapon Proficiency or Sleep/Paralysis Blow), and characters who are hit in their Claws with Weapon Qualifier attacks do not take damage from the attack. In general, Claws are treated as weapons, and can receive Alchemical or Weapon Coatings and be used with Blade spells; however, Claws cannot be Silvered or Strengthened by the Smithing Skill.

Claws may not be Disarmed , Shattered , stolen, confiscated, or destroyed; if you are struck by such an effect which would target a Claw, you should call "No Effect".

The Claws are retractable and can be retracted and activated without a Counted Action; the time it takes a player to obtain the physreps out-of-game is the time it takes the character to activate the Claws IG. You cannot call a Pause to get your Claw. Similarly, if you drop a Claw, you cannot call a Pause to pick it up.

Other players may not pick up a Claw for you, and should never take a Claw if they find it on its own. Carrying a Claw physrep and a weapon physrep in the same hand is not allowed.