This skill maybe purchased multiple times.

Fighter Scout Rogue Adept Scholar Spellsword Artisan
3 3 4 4 4 3 3

LP, Production

This Skill allows the character to create weapons, shields, and armor. For each time Smithing is bought, the character gets one Smithing PP as detailed in the "Production Skills" section. This Skill also allows a character to exchange their PPs for Artificing.

Silvering a Weapon: Silvering a weapon allows the weapon to harm monsters that can only be hurt by Silver, such as certain Undead. To Silver an existing weapon or a Quiver, the Smith must pay 3 PPs and 15 Silver pieces. Once applied, the Silver can never be removed.

Strengthening a Weapon, Shield, or other item: Strengthening a weapon, shield, or other item allows it to withstand Shatter and Acidic Skin effects as well as explosive traps. Once Strengthened, the item will withstand two such attacks. When hit with one of these effects, the person with a Strengthened item must say "Resist." An item can only be Strengthened once, giving it two Resists to these effects. After those Resists are used, it can be Strengthened again but can never have more than two Resists at any one time, unless modified by Artificing.

To Strengthen an existing item, the character must pay extra PP and copper. See the chart under Production Skills in Chapter VI The Skill System.


Name Cost (PP)
1 - 5 Armor Points 2
6 - 10 Armor Points 4
11 - 15 Armor Points 6
16 - 20 Armor Points 8
21 - 25 Armor Points 10
26 - 30 Armor Points 12
31 - 35 Armor Points 16
36 - 40 Armor Points 20
41 - 45 Armor Points 24
46 - 50 Armor Points 28
51 - 56 Armor Points 34
56 - 62 Armor Points 40


Name Cost (PP)
Bludgeon 1
Dagger 1
Hatchet 1
Staff 1
Thrown Weapon 1
Javelin 2
Light Crossbow 2
Short Bow 2
Heavy Crossbow 3
Long Bow 3
Short Hammer 3
Short Mace 3
Spear 3
Long Hammer 4
Long Mace 4
Quiver 4
Short Axe 4
Long Axe 5
Short Sword 5
Long Sword 6
Polearm 8
Two Handed Blunt 9
Two Handed Sword 9
Shield 2

Patch or Coating

Name Cost (PP)
Armor Patch 1
Order Patch 4
Fortification Patch 1
Silver Coating 2
Shadow Coating 3

Gear Modification

Name Cost in Copper Cost in PP
Silver 15 3
Strengthen Weapons x5 PP Cost Equal to creation PP
Strengthen Armor and Shields x5 PP Cost 20
Strengthen Gear and Merchantable Items x5 PP Cost Cost to create, or 5, whichever is greater
Improvised Weapon (-1 damage; except Two Handed Weapons and Bows: -2) (Set by new PP cost) -1 cost of Weapon cost; except Two Handed Weapons and Bows: -2

General Artificing

Name Artificing Cost Prerequisites/Limitations
Artifice Link2
Artisanal Batch4
Copy Schematic410 ranks of the Copied Schematics’ Skill
Double Batch1
- Triple Batch3
- Quadruple Batch6
- Quintuple Batch10
Efficient Batch2
Exchange15 ranks of the Production Skill used in this benefit
Field Crafting2
Formal Artificing210 XP in Trades
Formal Genius1 or 4
Philosophize320 ranks of the Production Skill used in this benefit
Salvage15 ranks of the Production Skill used in this benefit
Transmogrify110 ranks of the Production Skill used in this benefit

Smithing Artificing

Name Artificing Cost Prerequisites/Limitations
Armor Expertise 1 5 ranks of Smithing
Deft Hands 2
Earthen Bastion 5 Shield
Forged 6 15 ranks of Smithing
Maintenance 1 or 2
Reconstruction 2 5 ranks of Smithing
Refit Alacrity 4 20 ranks of Smithing
Refined Strengthening 4 10 ranks of Smithing
Resilience 2 10 ranks of Smithing
Split Patch 3 Maintenance