This skill maybe purchased multiple times.

Fighter Scout Rogue Adept Scholar Spellsword Artisan
2 2 2 2 2 2 2


This Skill is used to add flavor to your character. It cannot be used to give a character any extra power IG nor does it guarantee any information from the Plot Team, although the Plot Team may take it into consideration when distributing information or plotlines. For instance, if a character has Trades (Sailor) and a module involves capturing a boat from pirates, that Skill could come in handy.

For every Trades Skill bought, the character will receive one silver piece at Check-In for each LP of the event they are checking in for. This money is received up front even if you are not able to attend the entire event. This represents income received from the Skill. Trades Skills must be something that would provide an income. Trades: Good Looking or Trades: Lazybones would not be acceptable and may be removed and refunded

Each rank of a Trades Skill of the same Type gives an additional silver piece and may be considered by the Plot Team for appropriate level of expertise.

Example Trades skills might include (but are not limited to) actor, architect, astrologer, bard, bookbinder, candlemaker, carpenter, cartographer, farmer, farrier, gambler, gravedigger, hatter, hunter, innkeeper, jeweler, lumberjack, mason, massager, moneylender, musician, miller, miner, navigator, painter, potter, rat catcher, sage (specify field of study), sailor, scout, scribe, sculptor, silversmith, singer, tailor, tavernkeep, tracker, trapper, undertaker, veterinarian, and weaver.