This skill may only be purchased once.

Fighter Scout Rogue Adept Scholar Spellsword Artisan
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Refit allows the character to perform an action called Refit on physical suits of armor (but not Natural Armor or Arcane Armor) an unlimited number of times per LP.

Refitting a suit of armor takes a complete uninterrupted minute of Focus during which you can perform no Game Abilities. This time may be augmented by the purchase of Fast Refit.

The player must kneel or crouch to represent the act of Refitting. If you are Refitting someone else's armor, the Target must kneel while the other character roleplays fixing the armor. Roleplaying Refitting might involve pulling out a small bag of tools and accessories, or otherwise taking actions to make it clear that you are repairing armor and not just kneeling, at least by pounding on the Armor.

A character with Arcane Armor can only Refit that Ritual Spell on themself and creatures with Natural Armor may Refit their Natural Armor on themself. This restriction can be circumvented by the Artificing benefit Deft Hands.