This skill may only be purchased once.

Fighter Scout Rogue Adept Scholar Spellsword Artisan
12 12 12 10 6 10 6


Any existing Circle of Power or Game Room may be specially orchestrated by a character through a 10 minute process that, at a minimum, includes walking around the designated area with empty hands, but is encouraged to include flourishes such as physical decoration, warming up vocal chords or instruments, or sequences of gestures. Upon completion, the area is considered prepared until one of the following occurs: a character begins a performance; the orchestrator loses consciousness, is affected by Dispel, or leaves the area; or the event ends. A Circle or Game Room may only be orchestrated for one performance at a time; you must wait until the previous performance has completed before you can begin a new orchestration.

The character doing the performance need not be the same character as the orchestrator; this performance must be at least two minutes long, and is typically no longer than ten minutes. The performer must do at least one of the following: sing a song; recite poetic verse; give a speech; play an instrument; artfully serve a snack; demonstrate a dance; or sketch everyone within the area. Certain alternatives may be allowed at Plot Team discretion. Performances and their content should always be in-genre; avoid using real world pieces or ceremonies in favor of making your own or using an established in-world option. Though it is the goal of this performance to model competence, it does not require expertise; if mistakes or fumbles occur in the execution, however, the performance should be restarted. As a general rule, if the mistake is noticeable to a Target of the performance, it should be restarted.

When the performance concludes, the performer must state one of the following: "May we all rest well;" or "May we all live on;" or "May this casting be magnified." The effect of the performance depends on the statement.

A creature is a valid Target for the performance effect only if it is in the area before the performance begins, and remains in the area until the performance completes (including any Touch-Casts.)