This skill may only be purchased once.

Fighter Scout Rogue Adept Scholar Spellsword Artisan
3 2 1 2 3 3 1


This Skill allows a character to place an accurate value on certain IG items. It will not identify whether those items are magical, but only how much they fetch on the open market

This is accomplished by consulting the National Merchant List which is an OOG document with further information and instructions that a Chapter gives to characters with this skill. This document contains Merchant Codes (typically but not always expressed as one letter and two numbers) and their corresponding Merchant Value (that is their IG coin value).

If an item does not have a Merchant Code (and/or was not made with PPs) from the National Merchant List, the Merchant skill does not apply to that item.

This Skill also allows the character to handwave the sale of game items on the open market. Eligible items must have a Merchant Code and/or are Gear. This is accomplished by handing off the Tags the character wishes to sell to Logistics staff during the normal pre-event or mid-event Logistics phases in exchange for the Tags' PP value in IG money. Some Chapters allow this transaction at Crafting Stations, ask locally.

Skill, and must be sold during IG scenes. If an item is sold which has had additional Production performed upon it at a set Items that do not have Merchant Code (and/or are not made through the PP system) cannot be traded in with the Merchant cost (such as Strengthening or Silvering), a Merchant receives IG money equal to the additional coin value of that set cost.