This skill maybe purchased multiple times.

Requires 10 XP spent in the skill group "Martial" per purchase

Fighter Scout Rogue Adept Scholar Spellsword Artisan
2 2 3 4 4 2 4

LP Defense (Smart, Guard)

Trigger: Another player within arm's length is hit with any Packet or physical delivery attack.

When using this Skill, you must call "Intercept" and clearly indicate which triggering attack the Skill was used against.

A character may only Intercept an attack that they could logically reach within arm's length or with a wielded weapon or shield. You may not use a Bow to Intercept across the battlefield but can do so within reach of the Bow. A character can use Intercept for any attack in which they could conceivably interpose themselves or a wielded armament between the attack and the intended Target.

As always, follow proper Charging rules regarding the intended Target or the attacker.

A character may call an additional defense, if appropriate, after using an Intercept on the intended Target to negate the attack's Effect against themself.