This skill maybe purchased multiple times.

Requires Celestial Level 1 as a prerequisite.

Fighter Scout Rogue Adept Scholar Spellsword Artisan
6 6 6 4 3 4 3

LP, Production

This Skill allows a character to create a Celestial Magic-based Battle Magic Scroll. They must have access to the spell in a Spellbook, but you do not have to be able to cast the spell. For each time Inscription is bought, the character receives one Inscription PP as detailed in the "Production Skills" section. This Skill also allows a character to exchange their PPs for Artificing. Inscription can also produce Spell Ink and Celestial Spellbooks; see "Spellbooks" in Chapter XI Magic.

Layering: A character may create Scrolls, for the normal cost plus 15 copper; all Tags that would be created are instead represented by a single Tag and each use up to 15 may be used and must be marked off on the Tag separately. Physreps for Layered Gear must be larger than standard, for example by using a 50 square inch paper.

Name Cost (PP)
Evocation Bolt 1 per level; element is chosen when scroll is made
Disarm 1
Lesser Investment 1
Light 1
Slow 1
Spell Ink Vial 2
Weapon Shield 2
Pin 2
Repel 2
Shackle 3
Shatter 3
Wall of Force 3
Awaken 4
Basic Celestial Spellbook 4
Shun 4
Wand 4
Release 5
Spell Shield 5
Elemental Shield 6
Sleep 6
Wizard Lock 6
Web 7
Charm 7
Dispel 8
Reflect Spell 8
Name Cost in Copper Cost in PP
Layer base plus 15 0

General Artificing

Name Artificing Cost Prerequisites/Limitations
Artifice Link2
Artisanal Batch4
Copy Schematic410 ranks of the Copied Schematics’ Skill
Double Batch1
- Triple Batch3
- Quadruple Batch6
- Quintuple Batch10
Efficient Batch2
Exchange15 ranks of the Production Skill used in this benefit
Field Crafting2
Formal Artificing210 XP in Trades
Formal Genius1 or 4
Philosophize320 ranks of the Production Skill used in this benefit
Salvage15 ranks of the Production Skill used in this benefit
Transmogrify110 ranks of the Production Skill used in this benefit

Inscription Artificing

Name Artificing Cost Prerequisites/Limitations
Celestial Armor1Maximum of 5 purchases
Divert Foundation2
Learned 3 5 ranks of Inscription
Mystic Tattoo 1 5 ranks of Inscription
Reliable Inscription 3 10 ranks of Inscription
Scroll Mastery 3
Stellar Trick 6