Break Command


This skill maybe purchased multiple times.

This skill maybe only be purchased by Avani, Stone Elf, and Syladrin

Fighter Scout Rogue Adept Scholar Spellsword Artisan
2 2 2 2 2 2 2

LP, Species

With this Skill, a character can break all active Command effects on another creature once per LP per purchase. The Command effects can be found in the Effect Groups section. This does not include Greater Command effects such as Enslavement, Euphoria, or Amnesia.

You must be close enough to touch the affected person as if touch-casting and must spend ten seconds of role-playing conversation and Focus with the victim to remove the effect.

If you perform any other Game Abilities during this time, if the target is attacked, or if the conversation is interrupted, then the Break Command fails and is expended. Attempting this action on a character that had not been under the effects of a Command will still result in the ability being used for the day.

You cannot use this skill upon yourself.